We offer a range of products to match your individual lifestyle. The best approach when building out your personal insurance program is to look at all assets and determine what needs coverage and the best policy to match your wants and needs. Below is a short list of the types of policies providing by our office. Always remember to reach out to us to discuss your needs.

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Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance also applies to cooperatives, condominiums and apartments. To learn more about the basic coverages provided by a homeowners insurance policy watch this video.

To learn more about other coverages for your home read my blog here.

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Schedule Insurance

Can include jewelry, fine arts, collectibles, sporting equipment, firearms, etc.

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Investment/Rental Property Insurance

Investment properties and rental homes have a different coverage need due to how it is used. Protect your investment so it can continue to appreciate in value.

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Car Insurance

Cars are typically our first major purchase. Owning a car applies a significant liability factor as driver. From liability coverage to coverage to repair your vehicle.

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Vacation Home Insurance

Vacation homes require the same coverage as your home but may have additional coverage needs based on when and how the home is used.

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Motorcycle Insurance

While fun they can cause significant injuries. Motorcycles can also be a major investment. The appropriate insurance is recommended to protect you.

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Umbrella Insurance

Recommended for everyone with minimal cost. It provides additional liability limits over your home and auto insurance should you need more liability coverage after a major liability event.

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Watercraft Insurance

Includes yacht, boats, jetskis, etc. Being on the water can be exhilarating and requires the appropriate coverage.

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

Can includes ATVs, RVs, mobile homes, trailers, snowmobiles, etc. Each requires a different type of policy and coverage.

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